Reference Section

US Energy Information Administration - State Energy Profile
2023 Tax Rates Chart
NACS 2022 Impact Report
Petition Against California's Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate
Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund - Cleanups
EV Charging Calculator - NACS
Charge Ahead Partnership
2021 Abridged Annual Tank Update Summary
The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program Guidance
DEQ Compliance Tools
2021 Code Development Cycle
2021 Fuel Waivers
Memo to House Transportation on Mobile Fueling
VPCMA Testimony on TCI-P 
EIA Gasoline and Diesel Update
TCI Comments February 2020
TCI Comments November 2019
TCI September 16 Webinar Slides
VPCMA Summary of COVID-19 Regulations and Sample Forms
COVID 19 Emergency Standard Regulations
Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
Virginia Energy and Employment Report 2019
NACS 2018 Report - Convenience Stores in Virginia
State Motor Fuel Taxes 2019
2017 Motor Fuel Tax Information by State Book
Virginia Fire Code
VPCMA Comments on Transportation & Climate Initiative
Federal Consolidation of Energy Disaster Waivers
Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)  - posted April 2, 2018
US DOT Security Plan Compliance Kit - posted September 22, 2017
Weight Waiver 9-8-2017
Emergency Declaration Irma - 9-7-2017
Declaration of State of Emergency - Executive Order    
Weight Waiver 9-1-2017
Hours of Service Waiver 9-1-2017
TX, LA Regional Emergency Declaration - posted August 30, 2017
2017 Changes to Virginia Law - posted August 10, 2017
VWDA & NCWA - 2017 Joint Annual Convention - Cigarette Exemption Presentation    posted August 7, 2017
DEQ UST Response to Comments - Final Regulation - posted June 28, 2017
 May 2017 VPCGA Comments on UST Amendments - posted May 2, 2017

Protocol for State of Emergency and Supply Shortage Situations

OSHA Hazard Communication Program - posted 11-19-2015

EPA UST Regulations - posted 11-16-2015

Upgrade & Save - Virginia

Final EPA UST Rulesposted 7-21-2015

DEQ Stakeholder Presentation - July 15, 2015

Pay Virginia Motor Fuels Taxes Online

Letter from Dept. of Interior - Postponement of Pumunkey Tribe Decision - posted 10-24-2014

Virginia Energy Consumption and Production Statistics

Reporting a Petroleum Release - Virginia DEQ

PMAA Regulatory Report - Most Sited Violations at Roadside Inspections

The Convenience Store Industry in Virginia

Chart of Taxable Fuel Gallons Sold in Virginia 2012/2013

Guides and Rules for the Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales Tax

PMAA Regulatory Report - 4-19-2013 - HAZMAT Registration Fee

Analysis of New Transportation Funding Legislation

Final Version of HB 2313

US DOT - Federal Register on Shipping Papers

PMAA Bulletin - US DOT - Shipping Papers      December 7, 2012

PMAA Compliance Bulletin - Stage I Vapor Balancing Equipment  

Regulations For the Control and Abatement of Air Pollution  

PMAA Regulatory Report - December 2011 - Tax Credit Expiration

PMAA Regulatory Bulletin - November 29, 2011 - Cell Phone Restrictions for CDL Drivers  

Logo Sign Financial Report

Technical Bulletin on Fuel Dispenser Labeling - June 1, 2011

Flexible Fuel Pumps Fact Sheet For Station Owners

Letter to Associate Members Regarding Storage Tank Operator Training 

PMAA Regulatory Report - 2011 Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax Rates   

PMAA Regulatory Report - Biodiesel Blenders Credit

New Dispenser Label and PTD Requirements for MVNRLM, Kerosene, Heating Oil  PMAA

Final Dyed Diesel Tax Bulletin - August 24, 2010  

July 2010 - Draft Dyed Diesel Fuels Tax Bulletin

Ethanol Blend Labeling - OPIS Technical Bulletin June 2010  

New Dispenser Label Requirements for NRLM and Kerosene

EPA Air - Transition Deadlines & Dispenser Label Requirements

VA DEQ - Secondary Containment and Delivery Prohibition

Northern Virginia Fuels Tax Revenue  

Growth Energy E85 Blending Program Outline     Application for Funding    

                      Sample Use of Tax Credit for Installation Costs

PMAA Bulletin - U.S. DOT Motor Carrier Safety Rating Program

DMV Info on Allowance  

2010 Allowance Issue - Discussion Points    

Virginia Motor Vehicle Wholesale Fuel Sales Tax Return - Form DFT-1    Form DFT-1A

           Worksheet and Instructions

           Form FT-102   Form FT-102A

Weight Restricted Bridges in Virginia 

Northern Virginia Motor Vehicle Tax Forms

 SPCC Deadlines 

 Weights and Measures Bulletin on Pricing 

IRS - Dispenser Labels   Compliance Bulletin on Dispenser Labeling Requirements

State Cigarette Excise Tax Rates 

Energy Star Equipment Rebates 

Kaine Letter to US Senate Regarding Indian Tax Evasion    

Chart on Federal Excise Tax Increase   

SPCC Guidelines   

June 2, 2009 Letter to VA U.S. Representatives on Indian Recognition       

Templates to Use in Identity Theft Prevention Certificates -  Employees      Service Providers    

Red Flag Identity Theft Prevention Program      Other Security Procedures

Renewable Fuel Volume Mandates Chart   

Instructions for TTB F 5000_28T09

UST - Technical Standards & Corrective Action Requirements

Federal Tobacco Excise Tax Increase and Related Provisions

Revised OPIS Bulletin on Ethanol Blend Labeling     

Sample Letter to Legislators on 1% Tax Allowance  

TWIC Compliance Guide    

OPIS Bulletin - Multi-Tier Pricing of Motor Fuels       

New Ethanol Pump Decal Order Form  

Draft Matrix for Motor Fuel Civil Penalties    

Biodiesel and Biomass-Based Diesel Pump Decals

Compliance Mandate on Federal Biodiesel and Biomass Pump Labeling    

NCPCM Ethanol Tax Questions

Virginia Exempt Blanket Hauling Permit Application   

2VACS-420-30. Specifications for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Example: Initial Notification

Memo for Clarification on Stage 1

Stage 1 Notification Forms and Addresses

PMAA Compliance Bulletin on EPA Stage 1

Ethanol Blend Decal Order Form

EPCRA Tier II Forms and Instructions

EPCRA Tier II Compliance Bulletin

Letter from Tax Commissioner on Fuels Tax Regulations

EPA Oil Program: Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure

Guidance for Biodiesel Producers and Biodiesel Blenders/Users

Unfair Credit Card Fees Website

Dispenser Label Warning Letter

Reformulated Gasoline Areas

2007 Fuels Tax Legislation and May Return Reminder

FY06 Revenue and Expenses for Logo Sign Program

API Fuel Chart

Cigarette Tax Bad Debt Credit Memo     TT-2    TT-12

PMAA Simple Steps to ULSD Compliance

Mike O'Connor's Testimony Before the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

NIST Handbook 44 - 2006 Edition

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Regulations

Bioheat Sublicense Agreement

Delegation Letter on S. 480

DEQ Presentation on Status of Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund

Driver Safety Performance History Compliance Kit

Driver Security Background Checks

EPA RFG Exemption Letter 09-22-03

Hazardous Material Security Training and Testing

Hazmat Documents

Logo Sign Program

Model SPCC Plan

Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales Tax Regulations

Retail Sales and Use Tax Regulations

Soft Drink Excise Tax Regulations

Workplace Posters

Comments by Virginia Petroleum and Convenience Marketers Association


Transportation and Climate Initiative