2018 VAPGA Bills

House Bills

 HB 33 Electric utility regulation; approval of generating facilities.
 HB 37 Wages; cause of action against an employer for nonpayment.
HB 39 Minimum wage, local alternative; establishes procedure by which wage may be imposed in any locality.
HB 560 Virginia Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund; created.
HB 586 Community energy programs; investor-owned electric utilities and electric cooperatives.
HB 782 Electric utilities; battery deployment pilot programs.
HB 963 Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency goals.
HB 964 Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs.
HB 965 Energy efficiency programs; definition of benefit-cost ratio and total resource cost test.
HB 1060 Electric utilities; net energy metering; program cap.
HB 1082 Environmental regulations; no stricter than federal law.
HB 1105 Petit larceny; state of emergency; penalty.
 HB 1136 Aboveground chemical storage tanks.
 HB 1153 Issuance of restricted commercial driver's licenses; non-driving offenses; penalties.
 HB 1252 Renewable energy power purchase agreements; pilot programs.
HB 1261 Energy efficiency programs.
HB 1270 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; prohibition on participation by Commonwealth.
HB 1273 Va. Alternative Energy & Coastal Protection Act; regulations to establish carbon dioxide cap, etc.
HB 1365 Va. Alternative Energy and Coastal Protection Act; establishing funding source to affected locality.
HB 1411 Virginia Fire Services Board; powers and duties.
HB 1490 Fossil fuel projects moratorium; clean energy mandates.
HB 1558 Electric utility regulation; grid modernization; energy efficiency programs.
HB 1563 Electric utility regulation; rate review proceedings; Transitional Rate Period.
HB 1590 Utility regulation; community choice aggregation.

Senate Bills

SB 9 Electric utility regulation; suspension of reviews of earnings, transitional rate period.
SB 41 Sick leave; use for care of immediate family members.
SB 58 Minimum wage; increases wage from its current federally mandated level.
SB 82 Electric utility regulation;
SB 84 Fleet vehicles; temporary registration, penalty. DMV may issue to fleet logistics providers
SB 284 Electric utilities; solar generation capacity, public interest.
SB 561 Right lane restrictions for tractor trucks on Interstate 81; pilot program.
SB 646 Electric utilities; fuel factor; gas pipeline capacity.
SB 662 Electric utilities; competition.
SB 697 Natural gas utilities; right of entry.
SB 855 Energy efficiency programs; programs proposed by an electric utility.
SB 894 Virginia Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund.
SB 922 Electric utilities; rates and tariffs.
SB 955 Electric utility regulation; suspension of reviews of earnings; Transitional Rate Period.