2017 VPCGA Bills

House Bills

HB 1412 Weight limits; increases maximum gross weight of a motor vehicle eligible for an overload permit. 
HB 1413 Driver's licenses; expiration and renewal.
HB 1444 Minimum wage; increases minimum wage from its current federally mandated level.  
HB 1518 Sales and use tax; automotive repair supplies.
HB 1528 Alcoholic beverage control; tastings conducted by manufacturers, wine and beer wholesalers, reps.
HB 1542 Home service contract providers.
HB 1566 Professions and occupations; active supervision of regulatory boards.
HB 1622 Driving commercial vehicle while intoxicated; penalties.
HB 1744 Alcoholic beverage control; disposable containers.
HB 1759 Redeemable beverage containers.
HB 1771 Minimum wage
HB 1801 Alcoholic beverage control (ABC); delivery privileges of persons holding a wine and beer license.
HB 1850 Driving commercial vehicle while intoxicated; penalties.
HB 1859 Department of Environmental Quality; nonfederally managed hazardous sites; inventory.
HB 1860 Aboveground storage tanks; fund; civil and criminal penalties.
HB 1901 Alcoholic beverage control; tied house exception.
HB 1913 Purchase of cigarettes for resale; penalties.
HB 1950 Local cigarette tax.
HB 2010 Va Lottery; repeal prohibition of sale of lottery tickets over Internet; provide regulations for it.
HB 2130 Motor vehicle fuels sales tax in certain transportation districts. 
HB 2159 Litter; definition.
HB 2221 Joint Subcommittee to Evaluate Professional and Occupational Licensing Requirements.
HB 2266 Retail establishments and restaurants; posting of signs relating to firearms policy.
HJ 619 Study; Tax Commissioner to study disincentives to upgrade machinery and tools; report.

Senate Bills

SB 784 Marijuana offenses; driver's license forfeiture, etc.
SB 785 Minimum wage; increases wage from its current level to $8.00 per hour effective July 1, 2017.
SB 787 Sales & use tax; prohibits accelerated collection of payments from retail merchants & other dealers.
SB 793 Small businesses; waiver of tax penalties.
SB 805 Vehicle registration fees; funds for Department of State Police.
SB 824 Sick leave for employees; private employers to give to each full-time employee paid sick days, etc. 
SB 836 License taxes; if locality imposes tax upon business, tax shall be based upon Va. taxable income.  
SB 847 Paid family leave; Commissioner of Labor and Industry to develop an implementation plan for program.  
SB 884 Waste and recycling charges; liens.
SB 899 Reformulated gasoline; sale for farm use.
SB 918 Renewable energy; third-party power purchase agreements.
SB 926 Noise violations; civil penalty.
SB 956 County food and beverage tax.
SB 962 Sales and use tax; nexus for out-of-state businesses.
SB 970 Alcoholic beverage control (ABC); food-to-beverage ratio for certain mixed beverage licensees.
SB 971 Alcoholic beverage control; purchase of wine by restaurant from retailer.
SB 978 Minimum wage.
SB 980 Statewide Fire Prevention Code; State Fire Marshal; consumer fireworks; penalties.
SB 1010 Virginia Casino Gaming Commission; regulation of casino gaming; penalties.
SB 1011 Virginia Casino Gaming Commission; regulation of casino gaming; penalties.
SB 1012 Lottery Board; regulation of casino gaming; penalties.
SJ 248 Study; JLARC to study feasibility of allocating a larger portion of VA Lottery prize money.